Ostuni Engagement – Love Story in a Trullo

Last month we were in Apulia and had a great time documenting the Ostuni engagement of Francesca and Filippo, who are getting married this June, in the beautiful garden of their family-owned “trullo”. I was happy when I heard we were to photograph part of their engagement in the house, since I was dying to see how a “trullo” is made on the inside.

We entered some “trulli” when we visited Alberobello a few days before, but they were mostly shops, not real houses with real people living in them.

Apulia is indeed  an amazing land, with its “masserie”, the olive trees plantations, the culinary culture and its incredibly beautiful old towns.  And Ostuni is one of a kind, I totally see myself living in a “masseria” in its surroundings and enjoying the nature, the sun and the sea.

So, after taking some pictures inside the house, focusing on the mix of traditional Apulian details and modern pieces, we strolled among the olive trees, relaxed by the pool with a glass of prosecco, cuddled the dog and finally got on top of the “trullo” to admire the view. The weather had been bad the whole day, we even had some rain in the morning and we were a bit worried when we saw the storm clouds gathering in the sky. Then, out of the blue, the sun just decided to smile at us for a bit and we were able to get some amazing golden sunset light for the final shots.

I love when planets align and make us happy.

A special “thank you” goes to the delightful Giusy, the mastermind of Weddings  in Ostuni, for having introduced us to Francesca & Filippo.

We’re glad to have known you guys, it was fun hanging out with you!

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